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This is a scene from Cameroon after a very tiring Saturday.

Yesterday was a day of hustle and bustle. I began the day with my driver. We went out and made some arrangements to protect our truck from some bad intention people. “Unfortunate fact of Cameroon” 😦 and later at noon I had a meeting for a construction project with an engineer and landlord who will donate the land for this social project. We talked about the plans for a mosque and an educational center. and it take all my afternoon. Later I went back to check how things are going with the truck and how far they have gone about the arrangements.

Unfortunately people of Cameroon has not been provided good training about jobs and whatever they do they do it in a very simple way. So they still could not finish it when I was there. Anyway it has been done in around an hour and driver took the truck I took the car and we went to our station where we will leave the truck for the night. It is around 10 Km far from our place but it took maybe 2 hours to arrive. We are caught in rush hour and of course on the way back home again around two hours.

After all has been done I took my driver to eat somethings out and we went to a restaurant. It is apparent that he is not used to go such places and I can see he did not feel comfortable. Looking around with his curious eyes. I asked 2 chawarma for him and one cheeseburger for myself. and we took our pineapple juices and we ate. But he could only ate one chawarma. I was expecting him to take it with him and keep it to eat later but he said he wants to give the remaining one to the guard outside of the restaurant.

This time was one of the greatest times in my life and I thanked Allah because of his gift for him and for my company.

This guy knows his job and he also cares for others.

How about some other people? If they have one they ask one more if they have it too they ask two more.

Million times thank to Allah. I am given this opportunity to know such culture such people.

Istanbul CAM SARL Truck - Driver - Douala - Cameroon

Istanbul CAM SARL Truck - Driver - Douala - Cameroon - 2

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