Claim Your Right…

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If you have somethings in a very deep corner of your hearth in terms of faith you might have also have fear of doomsday and the very just judgement of the Creator.  That is why I am posting this post and I really fear of  being unclean of my faults.

As I know every sin is forgivable but the right of others in the eye of Allah. I do not have any single proof that I am clear from my other faults but I have hope for them. Because I have learned that too Allah is all compassionate and forgiving. I feel it. I have seen it. I am sure of it.  How?  Think of your mama. She always forgives you, even you do the same mistake many times. Why? Because she is compassionate. Can you believe Creator will not have compassion more than her?

So if you please have any right to claim drop me a message below. You will surely be responded InshaAllah if I am still breathing. But if you do not get any respond please forgive. Because I am probably gone for judgement and waiting my turn to come…

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