Silence for the sake of new baby

Two days ago my friend has a little baby girl and she is really Masha-Allah a beautiful baby. I asked her father what name he will give to her and he said one of my favorite names which is Mariam (Merry) as a remembrance to his mother. Why I love this name is Mariam is the name of one of the most important women who has lived on earth. May little Mariam have the mercy and blessings of Allah and may she have a good life here and hereafter.

After making this short intro and good wishes for her I like to share an observation here which I have witnessed today.

We went to hospital to give a new baby and her mom a visit. It was good to see both mom and baby were healthy and we have spent some time there in the room which has two beds. Me and my friend were sitting on the other bed because there were no chairs and room was actually small. After some time two nurses came to room and the first sentence we hear from hose nurses were

Why are you sitting on that bed? It is not allowed get off the bed. We will charge you two beds because of that.

What is the duty of a nurse in a hospital? Playing the police or taking care of patience in a nice way?

We just kept silent for the sake of that little pretty baby.

Welcome baby Mariam. You come with bounties for your mom and dad.

Welcome Mairam. MashaAllah too beautiful you are

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