INCI is a Turkish company founded in Cameroon in 2012 in order to offer its quality to Cameroon market.

History & Expertise

INCI has a long lasting history in Turkey and a family organization since 70s. Mr. Ahmet is the founder of the Cameroonian enterprise.

INCI aims to decrease the dependability of Cameroonian market to imported goods in its field, by providing high quality production in its high tech production facility.

INCI SARL has a long lasting history. INCI keeps using up to date technologies and always aiming to grow up  on the way of being a well known brand.

INCI SARL has opened its new showroom in Douala in February 2013 in accordance with its objectives and will continue to grow up progressively…

Core Values

INCI has determined following values as its core values and promises to be loyal to them.

  • Customers, Partners & Employees are treated with dignity and respect
  • Quality and Timing are our indispensable factors
  • We do what we promise
  • Things are handled simply and clearly
  • Customer is listened carefully

Mission & Vision


INCI aims to be well known brand name within Cameroun and CEMAC by delivering high quality service and product and helping to decrease regions dependance on imported products in its field.


We produce quality furniture in high standarts together with our cameroonian staff for our valued customers.

Corporate Slogan

You ask, we design

This sentence is chosen to present our capacity to satisfy…. Anything you have in mind we will be delivering it to you within our limits.

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