Never judge anyone for their faults

It all began with a flaslight in my mind. I was about to think about my life and i search a reason for some issues which has arrived, is arriving and probably will arrive more. Those things are unfortunately the things which are not good, which has left deep tracks in my mind and heart.

Some say it Karma, for the moment i do not know another name for it so let us call it that way also.

What you do in your life comes and finds you back.

So we should better check what we have done in the past for bad things happening to us.

I hope Allah gives me time, opportunity, and all the things necessary so that i can fix my past faults. Amen.

Ya Rab I beg your Pardon and Forgiveness.
Ya Rab you know me more than I do, grant me what is good for me here and hereafter.
Ya Rab bless my Family and my Friends…

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