How to get a Turkish Visa in Cameroon

Necessary Documents for Turkish Visa in Cameroon (tourist and business)

    1. A valid passport (valid for at least six months from the date of application)
    2. Copies of relevant pages of passport (pages identification and extension)
    3. Visa application form duly completed and signed
    4. One passport size photograph
    5. Invitation letter and / or guarantee certified by the notary of Turkey addressed to the Embassy of Turkey (the letter must be in Turkish) (for business visa).
    6. Proof of employment (e.g. employment contract, employer’s letter – a letter of confirmation of employment, if the trip is sponsored by the Reference Company / institution thereof) Letter from the company concerned / institution for Cameroon and indicating the duration of the visit, details about employees consider visiting Turkey as the name, position in the company, passport number (for visa applications tourist and business)
    7. Pay slips for the last three months
    8. Proof of registration with the Chamber of Commerce
    9. The original commercial license and (in progress)
    10. The original copy of the commercial register and
    11. The original map and the taxpayers card
    12. Original and copy of personal bank statement for the last three months with original signed and stamped by the head of the correspondent bank (for individual applications)
    13. Original and copy of bank Statement for the Company for the last three months with original signed and stamped by the head of the correspondent bank (in case the trip is sponsored by the company)
    14. Hotel Booking (proof of address)
    15. Roundtrip air ticket booking
    16. Visit Card of the visa applicant
    17. Travel insurance
    18. Original and copy of marriage certificate (for couples)
    19. Children under 18 must present a birth certificate (original and certified copy) and a written authorization signed by both parents with a notary, if they intend to travel without being accompanied by their parents. Parents must be present at the visa interview.

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