Copy All Phone Contacts to a Mail Client or Gmail Contacts

This post is a result of search and success at the end. I have a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. I am quiet satisfied with it but those days I am planning to change as to try new things. Since I am very fond of experiencing new tech devices. 🙂 But as everyone who is planning to change his telephone, there is a big question if telephone does not support multiple contacts exporting and then using it with the new phone. I was thinking the same thing. And I ended searching at Google the terms “how to import multiple vcf files into outlook 2007″ because my contacts in my phone were in VCF (Virtual Card Format) which saves each contact in a seperate file. Later you can import one by one to any mail client or Gmail. That can be a big problem if  you have many contacts. While I was searching this I have come up with some software which you can buy in price range from 25USD to 49 USD but I did not like to pay for that actually. 🙂 Later I come up with another solution to merge all contacts into one and it was  really easy and free way to do so.

Here is the process step by step.

I have copied all my contacts from my phone to PC to a destination which can be like this “D:Contacts” (you may decide where to copy.)

I have opened Command Prompt qith the following shortcut.

+R (press windows key and “R” key at the same time)

This will open the following window,

Enter the “CMD” as shown in the image and hit “ENTER”

This will open Command Prompt  “Black Screen to enter commands” as follows

To Enter to the Contacts folder which you have created before hit the following commands respectively

“Supposed you have copied all your contacts to the given location which is Contacts folder at drive DD:Contacts”

D: (Hit Enter)

cd contacts (Hit Enter)

copy *.vcf all_contacts.vcf (Hit Enter)

After you finished the process above, you wait it to merge all VCF files into one file with every detail and it will name it “all_contacts.vcf” (we will use this file later)

Later you can use this file to import to your Google Contacts which you can find detailed help here.

In the process which has been explained in above link you have to use our newly merged file which you can find in your “Contacts” folder in “D” drive which is available in the following path . “D:Contactsall_contacts.vcf ” (Use this file to import in Google)


After you finished with import process to google you may need to arrange duplicate entries carefully and there you have all your contacts in your Gmail.


You may then export all your contacts to a CSV (Comma Seperated Values) file and use it to import all to your email client. Most mail clients support CSV format. Enjoy your contacts in your gmail and do not have any problem to loose them unless you loose your Gmail 🙂

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